Class Visits

Students imagined, designed, and tested several kits in the community as part of the project, and these are available to teachers and the public by contacting Mark Wilson — Each kit includes instructions, brief introductory video, slide show introduction to the life and work of Hathaway, and supplies for experiential learning.

The kindergarten kit allows young students to create animal masks, since Hathaway was a mask maker and believed that every human has animal-like characteristics somewhere in their personality.  The fourth grade kit includes a matching game to help students learn about ten African American leaders who were subjects of Hathaway’s artwork.  A separate powerpoint and notes allows teachers to overview these historical figures, and the game provides an interactive way to remember the importance of these individuals.  The high school kit includes two interactive art components that allow students to create their own version of a Hathaway-designed coin.

And since we always want to include the elders among us, one student has created an Isaac Hathaway Bingo game, complete with everything but the prizes.  Instead of BINGO, players use an ISAAC board, and the numbers correspond to important facts related to Hathaway.  And instead of boring plastic bingo chips, the kit includes ceramic tiles, a detail we believe the artist would appreciate.  Students will enjoy playing ISAAC as well.


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